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About Us

Welcome to the Johnson Lab! We are a scientific research laboratory specializing in biomedical data science. We have a longstanding history of developing and applying commonly used methods and software for biomedical data analysis, particularly for applying genetics, genomics, and metagenomics data to solve problems in precision cancer therapy, infectious diseases/host response, and addiction research. We have extensive experience and NIH funding for developing and applying statistical and computational methodologies for transcriptome, pathway, and biomarker analysis using bulk and single cell RNA-seq experiments. We have successfully applied our tools and methods in the context of pathogen detection, pathway profiling of host and microbial communities, and studying host/pathogen interactions in various contexts including human nutrition, food-borne pathogens, human respiratory diseases, vector-borne pathogen biosurveillance, and in chronic conditions such as cancer and obesity. In recent years, we have turned our focus to study the host/pathogen interface of tuberculosis (TB) regarding innate and adaptive immunity and biomarker development.  Our laboratory is committed to promote diversity and enhance the training of scientists from all over the globe. Our ongoing research includes projects with the Black Women’s Health Study, the New Jersey Kids Study, and research in LMIC countries such as Brazil, Peru, Uganda, Zambia, India, and the Philippines. 

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